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Feb. 11, 2015

Telltale Signs That You’re Ready to Sell

It doesn’t matter how the decision comes about to sell your home; when you’re ready, you’re ready.

Knowing when to move on from a relationship is an essential life skill. I’m not talking about romance, but an even deeper relationship: the one you have with your humble abode.

Selling your home is just as big an undertaking as buying one — in many cases, even more so! You’ve made memories in your home, and that can make it hard to see the proverbial writing on the wall.

So how do you spot the telltale signs of an impending property breakup?

You browse your heart out
Surfing real estate listings online has become a favorite pastime. Real estate photos these days are as Pinterest-worthy as any magazine spread, and it’s easy to scroll away the hours looking at pretty pictures of houses.

If you find that your search filters have become more detailed, and that you’re bookmarking houses with abandon … you may be doing a bit more than just dreaming.

Sometimes the decision to sell your home isn’t a conscious one; it simply becomes apparent through your actions.

Brandon Wilson, a recent home seller in Dallas, found himself in this exact situation.

“I was spending so much time online looking at houses, it practically became my job. Even though I felt happy with the home I had, I finally realized that all the amenities I wanted in my current home could actually be mine if I just moved; I listed my house for sale the next week.”

You obsess over every for-sale sign
Most of us know a real estate professional in our neighborhood. It’s natural to ask about the market in general terms — we all want to know what our house is worth, don’t we?

Even if you aren’t ready to sell your current home, looking at homes for sale can be a fun way to spend a Saturday.

However, if you find yourself cornering the local real estate pro at every neighborhood get-together to discuss market valuations, then you may be more serious about moving than you think.

The same can be said for spending every waking hour driving around to open houses. It’s natural to be curious occasionally about homes for sale in your neighborhood, but if you’re starting to feel like you should have your own HGTV show, then it’s time to move on.

You’re desperate to “right-size” your home
Everyone says time flies, and this is definitely true in real estate. We often find ourselves in a situation that was perfect five years ago but just isn’t filling the bill now.

Maybe you’ve added a family member or two or the kids have all moved out; whatever the change, the outcome is the same — it’s time to “right-size” your home.

If you fantasize about the free time and road trips you could take if you didn’t have 3,000 square feet to maintain, or if every morning you long for a bathroom you didn’t have to share with three kids and a dog, it’s time to list and make your dreams come true.

The first step? Get clear on the reasons that your house is no longer the one for you. Then you can embrace the process and start implementing a plan to make your fantasy home a reality.

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Feb. 11, 2015

A Valentines Day Gift For You!

Butters and I hoped your hearts are filled with love and laughter this Valentines Day!  Don't forget to sign up for your Starbucks gift card! Fill out the form below to have your gift card mailed to you!



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Jan. 6, 2015

Somos Tacos and Atomic Wings is NOW OPEN!

This restaurant can be spotted on Campo Rd. in Casa De Oro and many have wondered what new culinary joys will it bring to this area.   The name may be a little confusing at first but once you step inside you will see the whole picture. 

I had the privilege of enjoying the Chicken Flautas. Coming from a Hispanic background, I always enjoy a good flauta. And” Oh My” did this hit the spot! Not to mention the very reasonable prices.  You will find a menu full of traditional Mexican dishes here at Somos & Atomic Wings.

While that covers the Somos Taco part, you may still be wondering about the “Atomic Wings”. The wings come from an East Coast chain making one of its first West Coast appearances here is Spring Valley!


The soon coming menu looks delicious but it will not be here until Jan. 26th
More San Diego Locations to come in 2015!

Mention "Spring Valley Guru" and get 1/2 off your second combo plate or taco.

Here is a picture of my delicious breakfast burrito from this morning!

Burrito from Somos Taco and Atomic Wings Spring ValleySomos tacos and atomic wings, spring Valley, ca 91977Salsa Somos Taco & Atomic Wing Spring Valley, Ca 91977Somos Tacos Menu  Spring Valley, Ca 91977

Come in & enjoy the large screen TV’s to watch the game, relax
       and enjoy a beer on the patio, or Drive Thru and take it to Go!

Always a pleasure to give you a review!  Drea Rose and Butter!

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Dec. 29, 2014

Overcoming Obstacles to Owning a Home

Small steps can be the difference between renting and signing the contract on your new home in 2015.It seems homeownership is still a critical component of the American Dream. According to a Trulia survey, even in 2011 — when the market was volatile and uncertain — 65 percent of young adult consumers said they still considered owning a home a part of their life goals. In a more recent study, that number rose to 78 percent.

And yet, while it remains important for the vast majority of Americans to own a home, there are some major obstacles. According to the survey, renters looking to buy a home in the near future cited the following barriers:

Saving enough for a down payment

Having a poor credit history

Qualifying for a mortgage

Rising home prices

Unable to pay off existing debt

Not having a stable job

Rising mortgage rates

Limited inventory

So how can prospective homebuyers overcome these obstacles? Save — and then save some more

The majority of homeownership obstacles stem from one source: money. Cash is king and this is never more true than in real estate. Having a hefty down payment in your pocket when home shopping means wielding considerable power — winning the contract in a bidding war, qualifying for a mortgage, and securing a better rate on your loan. Sounds like a no-brainer, but we all know that saving money for a down payment is much easier said than done. “I found that saving money each month toward a specific goal became much more doable when I had systems in place,” says Natalie Streeter, who recently plunked down a hefty down payment on a home in the suburbs of Pittsburgh. Natalie credits setting up an automated direct deposit of funds into an earmarked savings account for her ability to accumulate the down payment over the course of a year. While a 20 percent down payment is ideal, it may also be worth checking into an FHA loan program that requires only 3.5 percent of the purchase price as a down payment. The guidelines are ever changing, so be sure to consult with an experienced loan officer to see if you qualify. Clean up your credit That credit card you signed up for on a whim and missed some payments on in in your 20s may make all the difference in qualifying for a mortgage in your 30s. The first and most critical step in dealing with your credit woes is to be informed.

Remember, You Are Not Alone! We are here to help you meet your real estate goals!

Give me a call and I can get you on the path to becoming a home owner.

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Dec. 18, 2013

Grossmont Community College Department of Earth Sciences

 This past semester I took a Physical Geography course at Grossmont College with Tim Cliffe.  I have got to say, this was one of the most challenging and interesting classes I have ever taken.  Tim had promised to make this class more like a Upper Division College Course to challenge us as students and he definitely fulfilled that promise.  He took the world of Geography to a whole different level.  If you are thinking that Geography 120 is just a class to memorize places on the map then you are wrong! This class covered the laws of motion by which are weather system are created and different regions are formed.  I learned about cloud production, patterns of the sun, how precipitation is generated and much more.  At the end of class Mr. Cliffe had offered an extra credit opportunity to those with already passing grades.  The trip was to the National Weather Service Center in Rancho Bernardo(see picture thats me in the red).  The experience was amazing.  We learned about how the different organizations in the U.S. monitor weather to help preserve and protect human life and property.  They also explained to us how they are able to collaborate data on a international level.  However our countries do not collaborate on a real time basis which, in my opinion would be more helpful to everyone.  My experience in the class was wonderful.  Tim's enthusiasm and humor made the class a enjoyable experience even through it's challenges.  I am thankful for this class because it has definitely made me a better student!

(Left: James Thomas working hard at the NWS Center , Below: Views from NWS Center in Rancho to monitor Weather)
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Dec. 16, 2013

Sushi in San Carlos 92119, La Mesa, 91942, Fletcher Hills, 92020

Last Friday John and I had the pleasure of having lunch at Arigato Sushi.  By the humble looks of the restaurant you would not expect such fine food.  It is minus the contemporary décor that most new sushi places have indicating to me that we were about to experience traditionally prepared sushi dishes.  We started out with a  Octopus Seaweed Salad and then moved on to a sushi roll stuffed with crab, cilantro, avocado, and topped with fresh Salmon.  Both dishes were very delicious but my absolute favorite was the Sashimi Plate.  Yellowtail has always been my favorite but here at Arigato Sushi I have developed a new found love for it.  The Albacore was wonderful it was lightly seared and seasoned to perfection.  My mouth is watering thinking about it right now.  The Tuna and Salmon were brightly colored and super fresh.  I would recommend Arigato Sushi t0o anybody looking for Fresh and Traditional Sushi in the San Carlos, Fletcher Hills, and La Mesa Area.

Arigato Sushi
5575 Baltimore Dr.  #110
La Mesa, Ca 91942619-469-3157

They do not have website but here is their yelp page:


Stay tuned for more Restaurant and Business Reviews from Your Local Real Estate Gurus!

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Dec. 5, 2013

Top Kitchen Design Trends for 2014

top kitchen design trends
Does your kitchen need a face lift?

Kitchens featuring black counter tops, open shelves or glass-front cabinets and darker paint tones will be popular with homeowners next year. Additionally, kitchens top the list of spaces homeowners plan to remodel this coming year!

So, if you are thinking about putting your home on the market for sale this Spring, you may want to consider throwing out the proverbial "kitchen sink".

The top kitchen trends for 2014 are:

Black Counters: Black kitchen counters will be all the rage next year, with homeowners looking to add sophistication to their kitchen. Popular materials to achieve this look will include black granite and quartz. Zillow Digs Board of Designers Member, Adam Hunter of Adam Hunter, Inc. in West Hollywood, Calif., likes "black granite that is honed or has a leather finish" to provide a tasteful, yet dramatic look. Expect to see black countered-kitchens paired with a lighter counter such as marble or light gray for contrast.

Open Shelves and Glass-front Cabinets: Displaying kitchen wares is a growing trend among all kitchen types, not just contemporary and traditional farmhouse kitchens.  As the kitchen has become a central meeting place for family and friends, presentation has become a priority for many homeowners. It is now fashionable to display almost everything in the kitchen — from dishes to pots and pans to gourmet oils and vinegars.

Darker Paint Tones: Homeowners identified black, deep brown and dark red and copper tones as some of the most popular paint colors. Since dark colors may make a space feel smaller, designers recommend painting just one wall a deep shade, or consider painting the ceiling or floor.

Now that you know the coolest, hippest look, how do you start?  

There are several websites that have either kitchen specific or overall room designing tools that you can use to create your own Rembrandt Refrigerator.  IKEA has a nifty tool at this site, but it's relegated to IKEA branded products.  Consumer Kitchens has a Virtual Kitchen and Bath planner that also lets you choose specific types of granite to make your kitchen pop.  There are countless others out there, so find the one that fits what you are doing or even specific to where you are shopping.

Finally, here are a few things you DO NOT want to add to your new design:

Don’t obstruct access to the kitchen triangle.

Specialists refer to the sink, stove and refrigerator as the kitchen triangle, the area of greatest activity which requires careful planning and unobstructed access. Of the three, the sink will see the most action and should have easy access to the stove and refrigerator, as well as your counter top workstations.

Don’t waste storage space.

Kitchens typically contain lots of stuff. Not only that, but items often concealed behind built-in kitchen cabinet doors can be oddly shaped and require a lot of space, such as food processors or stand mixers. Finding a home for your kitchen stuff while keeping it easily accessible can be a tricky proposition. Because built-ins are expensive and the overall size of the area you’re working with may be limited, one big design mistake is not including enough storage.

Don’t ignore counter-top work space.

One of the biggest complaints about kitchen design is the lack of counter-tops. Consider all the kitchen activities that require a counter-top, as well as appliances that are permanently located there, you might want to fit as much open horizontal surface areas in a kitchen as possible.

Poor lighting.

The kitchen is one room where you can’t afford to have poor lighting. It’s not only a matter of design and atmosphere, but also a safety matter when it comes to handling sharp kitchenware.

Going too trendy.

Although it’s not necessarily a mistake, choosing the latest kitchen designs and high-end equipment may not be the best of choices. The most stylish color of the season and trendy designs have a short half-life, and you may never get your return on large investments in the latest kitchenware.

Happy Designing!
Clark Ransom | Keller Williams Realty


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Dec. 2, 2013

What's the Best Refrigerator for that New Home?

best frig for new home
What's the Best Refrigerator for that New Home? 

Many Home Buyers will find that it is not uncommon for a newly purchased home to come with almost all of the appliances except the frig.  Why?  Refrigerators have become one of those highly-personalized, chic items that some people don't want to leave behind.  So what makes THAT refirgerator so special? 

Well, that depends... space, size, type and how you use it.

The Four Types of Refrigerators

  1. The Plain Jane, Top Freezer Model.  Makes a great second frig for the garage or when limited on space
  2. The Bottom Freezer Model. Larger than Top Freezer models, they make it easier to reach frozen foods, but still pretty basic models.
  3. Side-by-Side Models.  Great at saving space, these models also require much less clearance to open the doors, making them ideal for narrow kitchens.
  4. French Door Models.  Highly popular, a huge variety in style, color and ability to be built in, these are some of the most expensive models on the market.

How Big of a Frig do I really need?

It varies, but a general rule of thumb is that you'll want 4 to 6 cubic feet (cu. ft.) of refrigerator space per adult in your household, along with a little bit of extra contingency room. With full-size refrigerators ranging from 10 to 32 cu. ft., this means that a family of four probably won't want anything much less than 20 cubic feet, and might prefer something even roomier. That said, a bigger fridge means a bigger energy bill, so be careful not to splurge on extra space that you aren't actually going to need. You'll be paying more both upfront and down the line as you continue paying the power company to refrigerate that wasted space alongside your food.

Other Features to consider in my New Frig.

Are you a devoted foodie who always wants a variety of fresh ingredients on hand? Many models offer sectional climate controls for the different compartments in your fridge that can help you keep a variety of foods fresher for longer -- LG's Push & Seal Crisper Drawer goes so far as to vacuum the air out of your produce bins whenever you close them. Do you live off of TV dinners and frozen leftovers? Look for advanced defrosting features like GE's Frost Guard, designed to help eliminate freezer burn. Love a nice glass of pinot grigio? Look for a fridge with a built-in wine rack.

Refrigerators have been dispensing water for years, but now GE boasts a "PreciseFill" smart dispenser on several of its models that will dispense the exact amount you need, or automatically detect when your pot or water bottle is full. Other models have water dispensers designed to easily accommodate tall or bulky containers. Some will dispense hot water on demand, perfect for a quick cup of tea or a bowl of soup. Samsung recently teamed with SodaStream, unveiling a refrigerator capable of dispensing fresh seltzer water.

Other extras to look for

- Quieting systems that can make for less humming and buzzing

- Anti-bacterial interior coatings to help keep your leftovers germ-free

- LED lighting

- Steel-reinforced hinges to support door storage

- Rimmed, "spill-proof" shelving to help keep messes from dripping throughout your entire fridge

Of course, you will also find refrigerators with touch screens and built-in Wi-Fi, and plenty of bold manufacturer claims about smartening up your kitchen.

What?  A SMART Refrigerator?  Well, they aren't cheap and can cost you up to $1000 more. However, they are more energy efficient, greener overall, and can even think for themselves.  Some models can text you when they need a filter replaced or alert you of open doors, warm temps, etc...

More than one manufacturer has introduced models with Wi-Fi, integrated speakers, and LCD touchscreens built right into the door. Samsung has even incorporated popular apps like Google Calendar, Twitter, and Picasa into its high-end models, opening up a whole new world of fridge functionality. Want to check the weather and the morning headlines while you wait for the coffee to boil? Looking for step by step risotto-cooking guidance? Want to stream your favorite Pandora station while baking cookies? With an entertainment-minded smart refrigerator, all of this and more is just a tap away

So, do your homework, shop around, and find that perfect frig for your new home that will become a member of the family.  Who knows?  You may love it so much that you take it with you when you purchase that next perfect home!

Happy Appliance Hunting!
Clark Ransom | Realtor

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Nov. 28, 2013

San Diego Local Deals—The Best of Black Friday—It Starts Thursday— Best Buys Giving Away Samsung Galaxy 4 for Free!

Some of the deals are unbelievable. Many of them can be done from your computer at home without having to camp out, or compete with the crowd. Fry’s electronics starts its sale online and is giving their employee’s the day off this Thanksgiving. You simply click and reserve your item on Thanksgiving and can pick up your item anytime on Friday, without having to battle the other bargain hunters.

Best Buy is giving away Samsung’s flagship phone— the Galaxy S4 for – FREE!!!! (With 2 year contract extension or new service.)

Wal-Mart has staggered its deals at 6pm and 8pm and even provides a 1 hour guarantee on some door busters. At 6pm the one hour guarantee extends to a 32 in flat screen TV for $98, Laptops for $278. Also available is a full size gas BBQ for $99 and $88 for a full size stainless patio heater. Check out the deals on their kitchen ware as well. At 8pm the one hour guarantee applies a RCA tablet for only $49 and a 50in TV for $288. Also available at 8pm, albeit not guaranteed, are some high resolution tablets for $89 and $99 respectively. HP Laptops start at $178 and you can get a Fujifilm camera for only $99!

There are too many deals to list them all but Amazon, Big 5, and Target are also worth looking at.

 Click the images to access each retailers Black Friday ad.


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Nov. 26, 2013

Dudley’s in Santee Now Open!

Santee Dudley's Deli Bakery

Dudley’s Bakery meets Dudley’s deli in Santee. Santa Ysabel’s 50 year famous bakery has brought a slice of heaven to our backyard. Dudley’s Deli will be getting fresh bread from the home bakery every other day and will be doing some baking on site! When you taste their fresh Jalapeño Cheddar on turkey you will be hooked. They will be carrying a full line of its breads and baked goods like their Apple Walnut Cinnamon Bars, Macaroon Cinnamon Raisin Bread but also adding a lineup of fresh deli meats and cheeses. If you want the full experience you should take the drive up to Santa Ysabel but I am excited for the delicious convenience right here in Santee.


Santee Dudley’s Deli Address:        205 Town Center Parkway

Dudley’s Deli Phone:                     619-258-4245

Santee Dudley’s Deli Web:             www.dudleysdeli.com


Be on the lookout for more Santee news in my upcoming Blog’s.


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