This past semester I took a Physical Geography course at Grossmont College with Tim Cliffe.  I have got to say, this was one of the most challenging and interesting classes I have ever taken.  Tim had promised to make this class more like a Upper Division College Course to challenge us as students and he definitely fulfilled that promise.  He took the world of Geography to a whole different level.  If you are thinking that Geography 120 is just a class to memorize places on the map then you are wrong! This class covered the laws of motion by which are weather system are created and different regions are formed.  I learned about cloud production, patterns of the sun, how precipitation is generated and much more.  At the end of class Mr. Cliffe had offered an extra credit opportunity to those with already passing grades.  The trip was to the National Weather Service Center in Rancho Bernardo(see picture thats me in the red).  The experience was amazing.  We learned about how the different organizations in the U.S. monitor weather to help preserve and protect human life and property.  They also explained to us how they are able to collaborate data on a international level.  However our countries do not collaborate on a real time basis which, in my opinion would be more helpful to everyone.  My experience in the class was wonderful.  Tim's enthusiasm and humor made the class a enjoyable experience even through it's challenges.  I am thankful for this class because it has definitely made me a better student!

(Left: James Thomas working hard at the NWS Center , Below: Views from NWS Center in Rancho to monitor Weather)
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